Fairfax Performance Bridle

Fairfax Performance Bridle
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The only pressure tested Bridle available in the market !

This revolutionary bridle design is based on two years of scientific testing to establish exactly where the pressure peaks are under a bridle and how they may affect the horse in motion.  Using two bespoke pressuremats, the SMS/BEF Pliance system was used by Mark Fisher to analyse the pressure under different designs of headpiece and noseband.  This data was then used to design a bridle that significantly redues pressure in the six key zones where peak pressure were recorded.

Gait analysis was carried out by Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics to establish how a reduction in pressure affects the horses freedom of movement. Horses wearing the Fairfax Performance Bridle, recorded significantly greater hock flextion, knee flextion, and forelimb protraction. Riders could feel this improvement in movement and also a greater harmony with their horse.

Used by Carl Hester on Nip Tuck and many more top riders

Sizes: Standard, Large

Colours: Black, Brown

Style:  Plain Snaffle £400 - Swarovski Decoration £500.  

            Plain Weymouth £500 - Swarovski Decoration £600

Noseband options : Crank cavesson and Drop

These bridles are currently sold by fitting only.

We have 2 qualified fitters on-site, if you are interested in having this bridle fitted, or would like more information on fittings and clinics, then please contact us by phone 01482 870800 or email us 



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