Optimum Time Event Watch

Optimum Time Event Watch
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Product Description

It’s the Iconic Yellow Optimum Time Eventing Watch


The Optimum Time Event Watch helps you make your minute markers and come in at optimum time – or at least avoid time penalties!

  • Counts up to zero w/ minute marker alarms
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Adjustable elastic strap (black)
  • Water resistant
  • Low battery indicator

The Optimum Time Eventing Watch comes in any color as long as it’s Yellow with a Black band.

The Optimum Time Event Watch can be set to count up from zero with minute marker alarms or set to a count down and can even tell you what time of day it is! (that feature is included FREE!) The Optimum Time Ultimate Event Watch has an adjustable viewing angle, an adjustable elastric strap,is water resistent to 10m and has a low battery indicator.

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