bent leg irons

Bent Leg Irons

These Korsteel safety irons are made from a high quality stainless steel. These are Swan/Bent leg stirrup irons which are purposely shaped to allow for the riders foot to be released easily in case of a fall.

Available sizes 4″ – 5″


Two bar stirrup irons

The two bar stirrup Iron

The two bar stirrup iron is a classic English stirrup iron often seen on the hunting field and in the show ring. A neat and relatively lightweight stirrup iron, the two bar is stainless steel in construction for strength and durability

Sizes  31/2″ – 5″


Peacock irons

Peacock Safety Irons

These Korsteel Peacock Safety Stirrups feature a quick release rubber band that disconnects in the event of a fall, and therefore less likely that the rider’s foot will get caught. These stirrups are perfect for children or beginners and come in 6 different widths.

Available 4″ – 43/4″


Knife edge stirrup irons

Knife Edge or Fillis Irons

Traditional stainless steel stirrups
These Korsteel Knife Edge Stirrups are quality stainless steel irons which are suitable for all types of events and come with a pair of rubber treads

Available in sizes 41/4″ – 5″


Flexible fillis irons

Flexible Fillis Stirrup Irons

These Korsteel Flexible Fillis Stirrup Irons are a stainless steel stirrups that allows forwards and backwards movement helping to relieve pressure on riders joints and also aids correct leg positioning.

Korsteel Flexible Fillis Stirrup Irons features:
Stainless steel stirrups
Allows forwards and backwards movement
Helps to relieve pressure on riders joints
Aids correct leg positioning

Available 41/2″, 43/4″ & 5″