Bridle Accessories

Ascot lipstrap

Ascot leather rolled lip strap

Ascot Quality leather Rolled Lip Strap with Stainless Steel fittings.

This Ascot finely Rolled Lip Strap is used with a double bridle, to keep the curb & shanks in line (on the bit).

Available in Black or Brown Leather


Ascot roundings

Ascot leather roundings

Quality Leather Pelham Roundings. These enable the use of one rein when using a pelham bit.

Our roundings come with buckle fastenings, and are sold in pairs.

Available Black or Brown

Pony 1/2″ or Full 5/8″ 

From £11

Dever rope gag cheeks

Dever rope gag cheeks 

Fine Quality Hand Sewn Rope Gag Cheeks.

The Single rope version have a screw to be undone to allow fitting to the Gag Bit.

The Double rope version have a loose ring which is easily removed for fitting to the Gag bit.

Available in Brown One Length: 16″/40cm Overall

3/4″ width


Dever leather gag cheek

Dever leather gag cheeks

Fine Quality English Leather hand sewn Gag cheek pieces with Stainless Steel Fittings.

The Gag Cheeks come with a screw fastening for ease when fitting to your Gag bit. The reins attach to the Stainless Steel ring.

Available Back or Brown 

One Length 16″/40cm Overall

Buckle 5/8″/16mm  or 3/4″/19mm wide

From £37

Shires leather curb chain

Shires leather Curb Chain

Quality Blenheim leather curb chain

Available Black or Brown

Pony, Cob or Full


shires double curb chain

Shires Double link curb chain

Stainless steel

Available Pony or Cob/Full


Equus bit guard

Equus Rubber bit guards

Cheek guards are to protect the horse’s lips from chafing and pinching. Made in the UK from good quality flexible rubber.

Available Black, Brown or White

£5 pair