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Erreplus Jump Saddles

Erreplus Eventing EM Monoflap RRP £3375 (standard panel)

Single Flap, semi-flat tree

Designed and developed on the same semi-flat tree as CA and JF, the Eventing Mono features a mono flap and its available only with long billets. 
The EM has been designed to help the rider assume a very balanced position closer to the horse’s back and to facilitate a better leg contact both in flat-work, jumping and cross-country. It is particularly recommended for riders with light postures that prefer a close contact position. The seat, which has been completely revolutionised, grants great freedom of movement, allowing at the same time an excellent knee contact. 
Made entirely of doubled bull leather, it offers a high performing grip and an incomparable “contact” for both the legs and the seat. 
Front rolls are composed of a double-density technical material that provides softness and comfort in the area of contact with the rider’s leg and solid support on the outer surface. For this model there is only one set of standard rolls, since they are incorporated in the flap.
SiFlaps are available in three projections: Forward (+2cm), Standard and Drawback (-2cm), depending on the physical requirements and style of the rider. 

*All our saddles are available in 16/17/18 inch versions 

*Available with Standard or with SL panels for horses with prominent shoulders.

SL panels are slightly more expensive, please contact us for a quote.

Why choose a SL panel?  (pictured opposite)

Give your horse the freedom to move in harmony. A horse free to move its shoulders is a horse that performs better,
that more willingly follows the demands of the rider, that strides softly and fluidly, that faces courses and obstacles with greater confidence.
SL panels have been specially designed, together with technical experts in the field, to free the most muscular and pronounced shoulders.
This short panel completely avoids any kind of pressure at scapular level, ensuring a perfect movement of the shoulders.
All this while maintaining a large contact area on the horse.

*Not suitable for horses with prominent withers or with a fine structure

erreplus EM
Sl panel