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Ascot Rubber Reins 

Ascot Quality Leather Rubber Grip Reins with Stainless Steel Fittings.

The Rubber Grip on these reins gives the Rider maximum hold in the hand in all weather conditions. These Reins remain one of the most popular for all types of riding, and consequently are available in many width & length options.

Featuring convenient Hook Stud Fastening.

Buckled Fastening (For added security) versions are available on some sizes.

Available in Black or Brown 

Full           3/4″/19mm x  54″/135cm approximate Length (Each Rein)- HookStud 



Ascot Bio Grip Reins 

Ascot quality soft and flexible pimpled rubber Bio-grip reins, which enable the rider to achieve a lighter feel in the hand without losing any grip. These reins are ideal for show jumping, eventing or general riding. These reins come with stainless steel hook studs and are excellent in all weather conditions.

Unlike normal rubber reins, which can be stiff and bulky to hold, bio grip reins are very supple and much easier to handle. They feature large pimples which give exceptionally good grip. Particularly useful for ladies/children, or those with small hands.

Pony Size – 1/2” £44

Full Size – 5/8” £46

ascot 1 2 inch dressage reins p3018 8438_image

Ascot Dressage  Half Rubber Reins  

  • Leather – Pony 1/2″ wide & Full 5/8″ wide
  • With stainless steel fittings
  • Reins have small pimple  rubber grip just on the inside
  • Gives the rider extra control but with little visible sign of any grip
  • A popular rein for Showing and Dressage classes

Ascot 1/2inch Dressage Reins with stainless steel fittings. With pimpled rubber grip on the inside giving the rider extra control but with minimum visible sign of any grip. Popular with show and dressage riders.

Available in Black and Brown

Pony £33

Full £37

ascot super

Ascot Supergrip Reins  


Dever Ascot Quality Leather 5/8″ Rein featuring a Unique 3/4″ Rubberised Webbing for enhanced grip in all weather conditions.

Pony £29

Full £29

ascot web reins

Ascot Webb Reins  


A leather and webbing rein with leather bars for extra hold.
Stainless Steel fittings. Also known as Continental Reins.

Avaialable in Black and Brown

Pony £25

Full £25

ascot laced 1

Ascot Laced Reins  

Ascot Quality Leather Laced Reins with Stainless Steel fittings.


A Laced leather rein which can be used alone or as a second rein on a double bridle. The Lacing as well as looking stylish and attractive also provides additional hold on the rein.  A very attractive rein particularly for Showing classes.

Pony  1/2″/13mm x 48″/120cm Approx  Length

Full     5/8″/16mm x 54″/135cm Approx  Length

Available in Black and Brown

Pony £32

Full £34

ascot plain leather reins 3032 L1

Ascot Plain Reins  

Plain leather reins for general riding, show classes or as part of a double bridle.

Available in Black and Brown

Pony £20

Full £25

ascot draw reins

Ascot Draw Reins  


Ascot All leather Draw Reins with Stainless Steel fittings and leather tabs.

These long leather Draw Reins are 5/8″/16mm wide & feature a trigger hook at each end, for ease of fastening. They have a leather tab that slides over the girth. The reins pass through the bit rings (from the inside to the outside) and up to the riders hands. Draw reins encourage the horse to lower its head, bringing it towards the vertical to promote the correct development of his back muscles. Draw reins should only be used with a snaffle bridle to which an independant set of reins is also attached, and the rider should release the pressure when the horse lowers its head.

Available in Brown Only

Length Measure: 112″/ 2.85  Metres


market harb

Ascot Spare Market Harborough Reins  

Dever Ascot Market Harborough Reins with Stainless Steel Fittings.

Featuring Rubber Grips Reins with Stainless Steel D Rings for use with Market Harborough.

Available in Black or Brown 

Pony/Cob with 5/8″/16mm Rubber Grip Reins 

Cob/Full   with 3/4″/19mm Rubber Grip Reins

Dever Ascor RG Reins 2

Dever Classic Rubber Grip Reins  


Dever Classic Rubber Grip Reins feature Quality English Leather with Equus Rubber Grips and Stainless Steel fittings.

The Rubber Grip on these reins gives added hold when riding, especially in wet conditions. These Reins are available with stainless steel Hook Stud or Buckle End Fastenings. The Buckle Fastening Billet Option offers extra security.

Available in Black and Brown

5/8″  Full Size £60

3/4″ Full Size £65

3/4″ XFull size £75


Ascot Plaited Reins  

Plaited leather rein with Stainless Steel fittings. Ideal for show classes.

Available in Black and Brown

Pony £43

Full £50