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Wintec Synthetic GP & Dressage Saddles


Wintec 500 All Purpose (CAIR)  RRP £525  NOW £389

Ideal for pleasure riding or participating in multiple disciplines, featuring a slightly deeper, Equi-Leather seat, it is exceptionally hard wearing and durable, providing support to enable a strong balanced position for you in the seat. Features an ergonomic stirrup bar for closer contact and the adjustable Flexibloc system for the perfect customized fit for you.

For you, the rider

  • Adjustable Flexibloc system for customisable support beneath the flap of your saddle
  • Ergonomic Stirrup Bar for reduced bulk under your thigh

For your horse

  • World-leading performance systems, the CAIR Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution, offer the ultimate in ease of fitting and performance for your horse. These revolutionary systems work together to provide a custom fit and fluid cushioning to hug your horse’s individual conformation for even weight distribution over the entire length of the panel.
  • A generous panel designed to ensure a large, even bearing surface with drop panel points
  • A wide, even chamber to aid in achieving for clearance of your horse’s wither and spine
  • Equi-Leather Grip Panel for added grip and stability under the saddle
  • QUICK-CHANGE Girthing System for ease of replacing girth points



Size 16.5″, 17″ & 17.5″

Colour Black or Brown

Key features

Shaped Equi-Suede knee insert, Drop panel points, Equi-Leather Grip panel

For your safety

Wintec Saddles products are manufactured using high-quality, durable and weatherproof materials for longevity and ease of use and care. It is however vitally important to understand that every product has a maximum lifetime which will be affected by a number of factors including the environment, frequency of use and care. It is every rider’s responsibility to regularly check their tack, particularly any safety related items such as stirrup straps, Webbers, girths and girth points for signs of excessive wear and tear. Any tack involved in an accident or showing signs of excessive wear and tear such as fraying, torn holes or cracking should be replaced immediately for the safety of both you and your horse.

Wintec 500 (CAIR) Dressage RRP £599 NOW £449

The Wintec 500 Dressage saddle sets new standards in comfort and performance, helping to position the rider correctly. This saddle is ideal for developing a strong dressage position and schooling your horse for competition.

A modern, stylish dressage saddle that features durable Equi-Leather, the Winter 500 Dressage offers an extremely comfortable seat and is also a comfortable fit for horses of various shapes featuring the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System. The Equi-Suede knee inserts shape the leg for stability and training aid.

Available 42cm – 46cm

Black or Brown

Fully adjustable with the gullet bar system


Wintec 2000 High Wither All Purpose RRP £749

The Wintec 2000 HW SC All Purpose is a specialist conformation saddle to fit the high withered horse. Featuring a square cantle, the deep seat provides optimal rider comfort and greater support to enable a strong, balanced rider position. The Equi-Suede seat and knee inserts and Ergonomic Stirrup Bar ensure rider stability and security regardless of the horse’s gait. The EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution ensures flexibility of fit and comfort for the horse. This all purpose design is ideal for participating in a variety of disciplines.
Available in 16″, 16.5″ 17″ 17.5″ and 18″
Easy change gullet system
Available in black and brown
CAIR panels
wintec 2000 hw 1



Wintec® 500 All Purpose Saddle With HART

Practicality and comfort at its best, the Wintec 500 All Purpose is a quality saddle for you to explore wherever you dare. You will feel secure in your position with a supportive seat, and the added comfort and grip of Wintec’s most supple and durable leather-look, easy-care saddle yet. After a big day of riding, simply hose off your easy-care Wintec saddle – after all, the best days end with the messiest saddles! Your horse will enjoy the super-soft panels which mold in and around the muscles, hugging the conformation.

This saddle features all the benefits of Horse and Rider Technology (HART), which has been proven to be transformative for horse and rider:

  • Protective Cushioning: The revolutionary CAIR Cushion System replaces traditional fillings in your saddle panel with air. Your weight will be distributed evenly across the entire length of the cushion, virtually eliminating pressure points, and resulting in freer movement, better carriage, and a happier horse.
  • Precision Custom Fit: Together the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System and the EASY-CHANGE Riser System offer a total fitting solution for your horse’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind. All adjustments are measurable, symmetrical, and completely reversible, ensuring total confidence in your ability to custom fit your saddle to your horse’s changing shape for optimal comfort and performance. (EASY-CHANGE Gullets and Risers are sold separately; this saddle comes with a medium gullet installed.)
  • Ergonomic Flex: Supported by an EASY-Change Gullet, the Elastiflex Tree features a rigid head to maintain clearance over your horse’s wither, while possessing lateral flexion to work with your horse’s muscular movement with every stride. It’s precision-engineered to be lightweight, symmetrical, and ultra-durable.
  • Free Movement: A generous panel, designed to ensure a large footprint on your horse’s back, maximizes the weight bearing surface of the saddle, resulting in a reduction in pressure and increased comfort for your horse. The wide and even chamber, with performance panels to support your horse’s working muscles, maximizes movement in their shoulder area.
  • Superior Rider Performance: A narrow waist anatomically shaped for close contact plus complementary technologies for your comfort including world leading stirrup bar, and systems to precision-tailor support your riding position.

Item Specifications:


Hart Saddle



Wintec® 500 All Purpose WIDE Saddle With HART

Practicality and comfort at its best, the Wintec 500 AP WIDE, to fit the cob or wider horse but still fit the rider, is a quality saddle for riders to ride wherever they dare! Riders will feel secure in their position with a supportive seat, and the added comfort and grip of the most supple and durable leather-look, easy-care saddle yet. After a big day of riding – you can simply hose off the easy-care Wintec saddle – after all, the best days end with the messiest saddles! Your horse will appreciate the super-soft panels which mold in and around their muscles, hugging their conformation.

Included features

  • Protective cushioning through the CAIR® Cushion Panel System. It uses air to distribute the rider’s weight fluidly across the horse’s back.
  • Precision custom fit with the EASY-CHANGE™ Fit Solution, comprised of the EASY-CHANGE Gullet system and the EASY-CHANGE Riser system. Riders can select the optimal gullet width for the horse’s current shape and muscling, and make adjustments within the saddle panels for optimal balance and clearance. All adjustments are measurable, symmetrical and completely reversible.
  • Ergonomic flex through the lightweight and durable Elastiflex Tree, which provides the lateral flexion to work with the horse’s muscular movement in every stride.
  • Free movement supported by Performance Panel Technology shaped to support the horse’s natural motion and positioned to create a wide channel to clear the spine.
  • Superior rider performance aided by Comfort Seat Technology. The seat gently supports the rider’s ability to move with the horse.
  • Ergonomic Stirrup Bar: Places the buckle of a stirrup leather in a recessed position to reduce bulk under your thigh.
  • Adjustable Flexibloc System: Enables you to customize thigh support to your preference.
  • Quick-change billet system: Allows customization by a saddler or saddle fitter and provides the assurance that billets can be returned to factory standard for the life of the saddle.
  • Adjustable Y-girthing: Allows for an ideal adjustment and promotes saddle stability.
Hart Saddle