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bent leg irons

Bent Leg Irons

These Korsteel safety irons are made from a high quality stainless steel. These are Swan/Bent leg stirrup irons which are purposely shaped to allow for the riders foot to be released easily in case of a fall.

Available sizes 4″ – 5″


Two bar stirrup irons

The two bar stirrup Iron

The two bar stirrup iron is a classic English stirrup iron often seen on the hunting field and in the show ring. A neat and relatively lightweight stirrup iron, the two bar is stainless steel in construction for strength and durability

Sizes  31/2″ – 5″


Peacock irons

Peacock Safety Irons

These Korsteel Peacock Safety Stirrups feature a quick release rubber band that disconnects in the event of a fall, and therefore less likely that the rider’s foot will get caught. These stirrups are perfect for children or beginners and come in 6 different widths.

Available 4″ – 43/4″


Knife edge stirrup irons

Knife Edge or Fillis Irons

Traditional stainless steel stirrups
These Korsteel Knife Edge Stirrups are quality stainless steel irons which are suitable for all types of events and come with a pair of rubber treads

Available in sizes 41/4″ – 5″


Flexible fillis irons

Flexible Fillis Stirrup Irons

These Korsteel Flexible Fillis Stirrup Irons are a stainless steel stirrups that allows forwards and backwards movement helping to relieve pressure on riders joints and also aids correct leg positioning.

Korsteel Flexible Fillis Stirrup Irons features:
Stainless steel stirrups
Allows forwards and backwards movement
Helps to relieve pressure on riders joints
Aids correct leg positioning

Available 41/2″, 43/4″ & 5″


tech stirrups 1000x1189

Tech Safety Stirrups 

The Safety Tech Stirrups “Venice” have a unique and revolutionary magnetic mechanism positioned on the tread.  This allows, in case of an emergency, the opening of a ring portion, allowing your foot to escape and not get caught in the stirrup. After which the mobile part automatically returns to its original position.  This prevents dragging and potential fatal accidents.The mobile part is hooked to the tread and joined to the ring by a magnet that does not allow it to move during the work but allows it to open only if a certain weight load is exceeded.

One Size
compositi premium stirrups

Shires Compositi Adult Stirrups  

These Compositi Premium Profile Stirrups are elegant, lightweight and strong. The sleek Premium Profile Stirrup can be customised to coordinate with the rider’s colours . Reinforced grip, high resistance to stress, interchangeable coloured tread. These premium stirrup irons are designed by Compositi, a Belgian company who specialise in lightweight technical equestrian products.
We sell them in black.
sprenger bow balance

The Sprenger – Bow Balance Safety Stirrups 

• The new dimension of stirrups supreme comfort and maximum security.• The bow that puts you on a winning curve.• The new design ensures improved leg position. Changing the weight ratio on these stirrups results in perfect balance and greater comfort for the rider.• Shock absorbing grip is achieved by a widened tread made of rubber with two types of properties.

The internationally renowned System 4 technology used in these stirrups enables immediate release of the foot in case of emergency. By flexing in four directions impact on the rider´s cartilage and ligaments is softened, without feeling unstable. Bow Balance design provides easy „pick up“ upon mounting as they require very little effort on the rider´s part – a simple touch of the foot to the stirrup and it gently folds onto the rider´s foot.

Blue elements on these stirrups enable instant recognition that the rider has invested in security and comfort.

Sizes 4 3/4″ and 5 1/4″



sprenger system 4

The Sprenger – System 4 Stirrups 


Sprenger jointed stirrups have a tread surface that moves forwards and backwards putting the heel of the rider in the desired deep position. In the case of a fall, the rider’s foot is released with considerably more ease than would be the case with conventional stirrups. The joint enables the adaptation of the tread surface to the foot movement of the rider that so there is a constant contact to the sole.

The result is a very good foothold and relaxed calves, which explains its great popularity among show jumpers and cross country riders. However, it has also become increasingly popular among dressage riders. It relieves hips, knees and ankles while riding and is particularly gentle on the ligaments and menisci. To this day, the patented System 4 Jointed Stirrup is the epitome for riding in comfort. It provides unquestionably great confidence and is used by both leisure and professional riders. Made of rustproof steel, with black rubber tread.

Benefits of the Sprenger System 4 Jointed Stirrups:

  • Pivoting into 4 directions simultaneously
  • Gentle on joints and ligaments.
  • Heel is always in the proper low position
  • Stability
  • Maximum comfort
  • High safety standard

Sizes 4 3/4″ and 5 1/4″


arena alupro

Acavallo Arena Alupro Stirrup RRP £140

Patented side opening safety stirrup.
Unique HiFLex stress activated locking & release mechanism with big opening in case of emergency.
Reliable “one click” reengagement of the stirrup locking and release mechanism once triggered.
Inner stirrup arm and footplate constructed of continuous integrated metal.
Comprehensively tested and safety certified by TUVRheinland in Germany
One Size
We stock Titanium but we can order any other colour.
flex on_safe_on_4
Flexon Green Composite

Features include:

  • Designed from an organically sourced polyamide material
  • Green Composite stirrup is designed on the same model as the Aluminium Flex-on stirrup
  • It can be cleaned with water and is therefore easier to maintain
  • Aimed at a wider range of riders
  • Safety stirrup that’s easy to screw back together if you’re unlucky enough to have a fall and the safety mechanism comes into play
  • Available in different colours.
RRP £186

The Flex-on Green Composite Stirrups are the perfect choice for all riders, combining comfort, performance and style! This innovative design is manufactured with a single piece steel core and coated with an organically sourced polyamid material and integrates the shock-absorbing flex-on system to guarantee upper protection of the young athlete’s body. This structure protects against the risk of breakages.

This design also helps to prevent injury, by minimising the pressure put on joints caused by the movement of your horse, thanks to the built in elastomer springs. The treads rest on the elastomer springs and are ergonomically designed with offset stirrup leather slots for a better connection to your horse and increased comfort.

Inclined treads enhance the naturals ‘heels down’ position, providing increased stability and perfect positioning of the leg, while the Ultra Grip footbed is made from moulded POM with crimped pins made of hardened steel.

Easy to clean (simply wipe with water!) and available to customise in a range of colours, the Flex-on Green Composite Stirrups are the ultimate choice for both everyday and competition use.

Polo Stirrup, Four Bar

Polo Stirrup Four Bar

4 Bar Polo Stirrups in quality Stainless Steel.

One size only.