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GFS Saddles


GFS Premier Dressage   

Sale Price £995  Was £1450

The GFS Premier Dressage is suited to a variety of horses with an average wither. Extreme close contact due to the reduced bulk under the leg and girthing points running through the monoflap seamlessly. The Y shaped girthing allows movement to prevent restriction under the horses shoulder with an option of three fixing points to secure the straps. The GFS saddle range leather is handpicked from the finest double stitched calf skin along with contrast stitching for a more luxurious exterior. The traditionally designed carbon fibre webbed tree is flexible which give comfort to both horse and rider allowing movement in conjunction with the horse. Each tree is adjustable and made to precision by using cutting edge CAD design. The centre of balance spot conveniently locates you in a neutral position for close contact. The contoured dual knee block stabilises the leg without restriction whilst maximising comfort with the layer of memory foam to mould to the riders leg.

Available in Black 17″ or 171/2″

GFS Saddles